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Purpose-driven, authentic marketing that gets results.

Through strategic planning and a cohesive client-focused approach, I've created marketing pieces that are on brand and target the results my clients want to achieve . Take a look at what I’ve done in the past and contact me to talk about your future.

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November 2018

With this project, I helped Amber Craft launch her lifestyle brand. She needed a website that expressed who she is as a person and how she can help you grow. We worked with a designer I know to develop a logo and colors that expressed her brand. I designed a website that has lots of visuals and content that describes her business.

Business Marketing Materials

November 2018

Amber had a speaking engagement and wanted her listeners to have something they could take notes on and have her contact information when the event was over. We designed something clean and event focused. She also wanted a nontraditional looking business card - something that was representative of her brand and memorable at the same time.

Nontraditional Marketing

November 2018

Amber Craft wanted to create something that her clients could take away from a session with her or a speaking event that would take the themes that she talked about. She created the initial copy for a 30-day journal and I edited it, got bids from a local printer, and helped her bring it to life. Not all marketing has to be traditional - giving your clients something to keep coming back to you for is a smart way to create a revenue stream and a loyal client.



March 2019

The owner of The Garden Spot, Melissa Briggs, had a very clear vision about what she wanted for her website. Modern, crisp colors that highlight her products and authentic copy that resonates with her customers. I really enjoyed the collaborative process of designing the site, laying out the navigation, and creating copy. 

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