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Professional and Academic Background

Purpose Driven Marketer

Throughout my career, I’ve been driven to help my clients reach their goals. I try to put into words what they see their vision  to be and where they want to go with their business. Marketing is nothing without results - and I want to help you get there with purpose and authenticity. What you see below is how I got here. Where we go from here depends on where you want your business to go.

Content Strategist, Ascensus

October 2007-December 2018

Responsible for creating and executing marketing plans for Fortune 1000 firm. Experienced web content writer, launched the firm's Elite Advisor brand, executed multiple high-visibility projects on deadline with results that beat expectations. Used my creative writing skills to create outstanding digital communications, including email and writing for the web, to help our clients stay compliant and grow their businesses with minimal administrative effort.

Conference Coordinator, Midwest Popular Culture Association

May 2001-Current

Responsible for RFPs, planning event activities, creating event budget, managing registration desk, and active participant on the Executive Board.

Assistant Center Director, Score! Educational Centers

June 2005-October 2007

Taught 3-12th graders the joy of writing, managed center priorities, like enrollment, parent meetings, and student evaluations.

Assistant Producer, Foundation Post

March 2004-May 2005

Helped a crew of talented commerciaal and film editors start a business. I handled day to day operations - setting client schedules, creating estimates, general office admin.

Creative Assistant, Element 79 Partners

June 2002-March 2004

Enjoyed working with the most talented group of advertising professionals. Learned from the best on how to create engaging ad copy, pitch to a client, and see how to create magic for world-class brands like Gatorade, Life Cereal, Aquafina, and more.

M.A. in Communication Studies, Northen Illinois University

August 2000-May 2002

Graduated with honors from Northern Illinois University with a Master's in Communication Studies, emphasis on Rhetortic and Film.

B.A. Communication and Business Management, Luther College

August 1996-May 2000

Graduated with honors in both majors. Studied under the brilliant Dr. Kim Powell and even published a paper with her.

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